‘Coastal Literacy’ is a new concept that CoastNet is developing and promoting, based on CoastNet’s considerable experience in coastal management and of good practice internationally.

Coastal Literacy is an education and information programme to encourage local people to understand and learn more about coastal change and to enable them to participate in coastal decision making.

This is one of the strands of work under the Chichester Pathfinder project , one of 15 Coastal Pathfinder projects funded by DEFRA.

Coastal Literacy also has links with the Interreg IVB funded IMCORE (Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource) project.

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  2. Andrew Filipinski says:

    Democracy is already compromised as today is the 29th of July 2010 ??????????

    • CoastNet says:

      Dear Andrew,
      The study is concerned with the Manhood Peninsula because this is the geographical zone that is the focus of the Chichester Pathfinder project funded by DEFRA, of which the Coastal Literacy work forms one part. Specifically I am using the Manhood Peninsula Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) map as the boundary of the study so that this strand of work ties in with the rest of the Chichester Pathfinder project i.e for consistency. Part of Chichester Harbour falls within the ICZM boundary. Chichester Harbour Conservancy is a key stakeholder and one that I have consulted. They have been very helpful in circulating the survey on my behalf. If your views relate to Chichester Harbour or the Manhood Peninsula then by all means do complete the form and return to me. I have extended the deadline to Sunday 15th August.
      Kind regards, Rachel.

  3. Andrew Filipinski says:

    Oh! my previous is because tomorow is the last date for entries. Furthermore since your this is being done with Chichester District Council your restricted interest in the ‘manhood’ peninsula seems to exclude the area to the west with more cost miles then your interested area – notably Chichester Harbour!!

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