The following suite of three films were produced by CoastNet for the Manhood Peninsula Partnership, as part of Chichester District Council’s Defra funded Coastal Change Pathfinder Project. They form part of a wider education programme called Coastal Literacy that is being developed by CoastNet.

The purpose of sharing these films is to enable other public agencies to learn from our experiences, and to encourage residents and community groups to become involved in coastal decision making in their area from the earliest opportunity.

1) Celebrating the Manhood Peninsula coastline

This film demonstrates the strength of coastal identity and the strong sense of value and belonging shared by residents. It is aimed at those who make decisions but may not fully appreciate the influence that the coastal way of life has on the well-being, lifestyle and economy of those who live, work and visit the coast.

2) The challenges of coastal decision making

This film explores public perceptions of risk relating to coastal flooding and erosion. It illustrates the public’s expectations of those involved in managing the coastline and the complexity of coastal protection responsibilities and funding.

3) Exploring coastal risks and responsibilities

This film offers a case study from the Manhood Peninsula. It tells the story of consultation processes and communication between the community and the organisations responsible for coastal decision making over the last ten years.


The Manhood Peninsula Partnership would like to thank all those who gave their time and expertise to inform these films.

The essential lessons that can be learned from the experiences on the Manhood Peninsula are summarised below:

Key agencies and decision makers – do not underestimate the strength and complexity of coastal identity! Be transparent and involve local people from the outset. Consultation on coastal issues is a lengthy and emotive process, but the consequences of not setting aside sufficient time, staff and resources will cost even more….

Communities – get involved! If you participate in the process you can exert influence on decision making. If things are unclear ask questions, challenge and seek clarity.

For more information on the Manhood Peninsula Partnership and to request copies of the DVD please see


Additional films

As part of the filming for ‘Celebrating the Manhood Peninsula coastline’, we worked with four young people from the peninsula who each directed their own 1 minute film about what they love about the local coast. They can be viewed below:

Catch a Wittering Wave – Henry Wiltshire

A View from a Bike – Henry Foster

A Rider’s View – Lily Foster

Memories of the Coast – Beatrice O’Brien


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